Information about production

Energy production is always related to nature and its sustainability. Responsibility for the future and for future generations forces us to look beyond the present day in the development of production.

Energy production and procurement are part of KSS Energia’s expertise, due to which energy means freedom and convenience for our customers.

KSS Energia’s power plants in the Kouvola region produce energy by hydro power, biofuels and natural gas.

In addition, KSS Energia has production shares in hydroelectric power plants in Sweden and Norway and in wind farms in South Kymenlaakso and South Ostrobothnia. The latest of these is a share in a solar power plant that is also located in South Kymenlaakso.

The fuel mix of the power plants is an excellent contribution to the national climate and energy strategies in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. 


KSS Energia’s own production does not cover all electricity sold by KSS Energia to its customers, and therefore electricity is also acquired from its partners and the electricity exchange.

By law, electricity that is sold as renewable must be certified with a guarantee of origin. Last year, we acquired a guarantee only for the proportion of production that our customers have wished to purchase as renewable energy.

KSS Vesi, KSS Metsä and KSS Tuuli products are always produced from renewable energy sources. 


Labelling of electricity sold by KSS Energia Oy
In 2017, the following were used to produce the electricity we sold:
Fossil fuels and peat 34.16%
Renewables 30.67%
Nuclear power 35.17%

Specific emissions and data on the use of uranium:
Carbon dioxide 211.18 g/kWh
Uranium 0.97 mgU/kWh

Own production and production shares
In 2017, the following were used for electricity generation in our own production plants and in plants where we have a production share:
Renewable energy sources 82.6%
Nuclear power 8.2%
Fossil fuels 9.2%

Specific emissions and data on the use of uranium:
Carbon dioxide 53.9 g/kWh
Uranium 0.2 mgU/kWh